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When you add healthy activities to your lifestyle such as regular exercise and balanced diet, you can maintain a healthy weight and boost your confidence. Your life will become better, and you will have the energy to accomplish your life goals.

To live a healthy lifestyle, you should develop healthy habits in 2017. Here are seven habits that will change your life and help you become a more confident and a happy individual.

1- Eat healthy food

Eat foods which are rich in nutrients and doesn't have 'fake' calories. Pay attention to what you eat and when you eat.

Add fruits and vegetables to your daily food intake. Consume whole grains, seafood, lean meats, poultry, nuts, beans, and seeds. Make sure that you are only eating low-fat dairy products to remain healthy. You can also use dairy substitutes such as soy milk.

In addition to eating more of these healthy foods, you should also consider restricting certain foods in your diet. These include sugary drinks and juices, white bread, rice, and other food types made from refined grains. These foods provide many calories, but they offer a very limited supply of nutrients.

2- Never skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It's the first meal, so you have to eat a healthy and nutrient-rich breakfast to provide your body enough energy and nutrients to perform optimally the whole day.

Make a habit to enjoy your breakfast daily, without ever skipping it. Once you have developed the habit of eating a healthy breakfast, your body will become strong, and your immune system will improve.

3- Make exercise fun

You should exercise and stretch your muscles every day after getting up. It should be the way you start your day. It's a highly rewarding morning ritual that will help you gain self-confidence and better health in 2017.

Unfortunately, a lot of people find exercise a tad boring, and they are unable to continue after the first few days. It doesn't have to be so as you can include exercises in your routine that are fun and engaging. If you exercise at home, buy stationary exercise bike in home or go to a park to change your environment.

If it still doesn't help, find some interesting and fun sports that would work your body while you still have some fun.

4- Add 'movement' to your daily life

If you are a couch potato, you need to get out more and become active to gain your self-confidence. If you stay at home all the time watching TV, you will become overweight in no time, and your productivity will also go downwards. You will start showing behavioral difficulties as you won't be able to enjoy proper sleep. You will have less time to play.

So be sure to get away from your TV after you have watched for an hour or two. Add movement to your life so that you can burn calories whatever you do. For example, if you have to go to a convenience store that's hardly 800 meters away from your home, walk to the store instead of taking your car.

5- Read something every day

If you want to gain your self-confidence, set a resolution to read more books this year. Even if you can only take out 10 minutes a day, read something. Reading not only improves your concentration and focus but it also teaches you a lot of things that will you throughout your life.

Reading books helps you to improve your relationships. It builds your confidence and helps you to think differently.

6- Drink more water and stop drinking soda

You already know that soda is dangerous for your health. If you plan to attain better health in 2017, be sure to ditch soda altogether. It increases blood sugar level and doesn't provide any nutrients. Soda contains a lot of calories that would cause your serious weight problems.

After you quit soda and other sugary drinks, be sure to increase your water intake. You don't want to dehydrate your body.

7- Meditate every day

One of the best new habits that you can develop in 2017 is to meditate every day. Even when you have an extremely busy schedule, take out a few minutes to be with you.

When you meditate, your mindfulness can help you overcome many problems of the modern day life and make your life better. For example, meditation is known to help with stress and depression. It could also help the youngsters who are suffering from the existential crisis. Meditation also helps your focus and concentration thus making you more productive in life.

You can meditate anywhere, and at any time you want. Just be sure that there are minimal distractions so that you can focus on your thoughts.

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