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Contact: (757) 880-4251
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Training Since: 1996

At IBG Since: 2003


Education/Certifications: 1986 BBA from College of William and Mary; AmericanCouncil on Exercise-Certified Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, American Heart Assn.-CPR/AED
General Availability: 10:30am-6:00pm M-TH, -3:30pm FRI, some Saturdays

Career Highlights:
•Group Fitness Instructor/Trainer at “Aerobics Plus” for 8 years popularizing
P.A.C.E. (progressive aerobic circuit exercise)
•Introduced the popular “butt/gut” class to IBG in 2006, now called “core ‘n more”
and assisting in the development of the aerobics program at IBG
•First in area to incorporate “partner” training: 30 minute sessions involving 2 compatibly fit workout partners
•Developing a training plan for Parkinson’s patients in a nursing home environment
Training Philosophy/Specialty: To share my unending dedication and enthusiasm of fitness to my clients and to design safe, effective, challenging 
and fun routines that incorporate strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. To share different training modalities with clients to encourage their long 
term commitment to exercise while being the best version of themselves.


Contact: 757-256-6042
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Training Since: 1998

At IBG Since: 2009


Education/Certification: B.S. In Kinesiology. University of North Texas. Level 1
Sport Performance Coach from USAW. CSCS from NSCA
General Availability: 6:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday

Career Highlights
•Worked for Baylor and Sentara Hospital performing in-patient rehabilitation and training.
•Worked with the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the NHL’s Dallas Stars.
•Strength Coach for 12 Division I teams at William & Mary, along with designing the running program for the football team.
•Written articles for regional health publications.
•Trained college/pro athletes and clients in proper running/movement mechanics

Training Philosophy/Specialty: To best match my clients goals with the
workout routine. To educate, energize and entertain my clients.


Contact Info:
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Training Since: 2007

At IBG Since: 2007


•Certified Fitness Trainer, International Sports and Sciences Association (ISSA)
•Certified Youth Fitness Trainer, ISSA 
•200HR Registered Yoga Teacher, In-Balance Yoga 
•200HR Registered Yoga Teacher, Rolf Gates Vinyasa
•200HR Registered Yoga Teacher, GetDownDog Yoga
•JAMbassador endorsement, 

General Availability: M-F 8am-6:00pm call for other times
Career Highlights:
•Creator, Mindful Movement Strength Training, a unique workout system customized
for individuals to allow maximal success without injury using a combination of systems
and techniques
•Specialist, neuromuscular and myo-fascial release using manual manipulation and props
•Host, Yoga Retreats & Private Yoga Instructor
•Owner, Fusion Fitness & Wellness, Inc.
•Responsible for the development of the AcroYoga community In Williamsburg

Training Philosophy/Specialty: To customize a universally accessible style of training that is both fun and successful, whether a client’s goal is fat loss, muscle toning, strengthening, balance or flexibility. To help clients get out of pain for good and not leave their workouts feeling exhausted or discouraged. To educate, energize and entertain clients, so their motivation ultimately comes from within, allowing them to sustain their commitment to wellness and regular physical activity.



Contact Info:
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Training Since: 1980

At IBG Since: 2008



Education/Certications: B.A. from New York State University at Albany; Certified Trainer (A.C.E.); Certified Post-Rehab Specialist; Certified Trainer of the Older Adult and Adults with Disabilities; Certified Weight Management Consultant; Certified "Brains and Balance After 60" Specialist 


General Availability: Weekday mornings and afternoons, by appointment only


Career Highlights:

 • Owner, Rush Hour Fitness Company – individual, group, and corporate wellness consultant
 • Wellness Director for a Continuing Care Community – created and coordinated all fitness     programs for the Independent, Assisted, Convalescent, and Alzheimer's resident communities.   
• Post-Rehab Specialist at a Physical Therapy practice – trained clients before and after joint, soft tissue and cancer surgery.
 • Conduct workshops and individual consultations in lifestyle and weight management
• Write articles for regional publications, websites, and blogs  ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Personal Philosophy/Specialty:

I enjoy educating and motivating my clients in overcoming fear and in taking responsibility for their health and fitness. Their continued independence depends upon it!


Contact Info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 757-291-1115


Training Since: 1988

At IBG Since: 2008

Education/Certifications: bodybuilding champion, National body building judge, Owner of Xtreme Muscle Gym, Owner of The Body Sculpting Corporation.

General Availability: M,T,W,F 7am- 1pm

Career Highlights:
•49 yr old mother of 3 that I trained 2 years has reached professional status and placed 5th in the world
•20 yr old male with severe aspergers wins the open overall night of Champions
•65 yr old female with Drop Foot and a walker, now walks with no assistance
•50 yr old male engineer, brain aneurism, couldn’t walk or talk, back living normally
•17 yr old male, started at 14, looking at possible scholarship to VMI

Training Philosophy/Specialty: Only you can determine your Health, by the choices you make, day to day.


Contact Info:
(757) 645-2552
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Training Since: 1980

At IBG Since: 2008 



•Exercise [Functional Training] and Post menopausal Women
•M.S. Physical Education: Exercise Science/Cardiac Rehabilitation, 
•B.S. Physical Education: Secondary /Coaching Emphasis 
•LEARN / COOPER Clinic Lifestyle Counselor in Weight Management 
•ACE Lifestyle & Weight Consultant, Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor
•TRX, Spin, Slide +++

General Availability: M – F days TBA


Career Highlights:
•Lecturer, Tutor, Provider CEC / CEU workshops and certification courses in the U.S., Asia and Australia. [25+yrs]
•Personal Trainer/Life Coach [25+yrs]
•Manager/developer corporate hospital health promotion, injury risk reduction and 
fitness programs [15+yrs]
•Group Exercise Instructor [30+ yrs]
•Teacher/Coach/Strength & Cond Coach [15+ yrs]

Training Philosophy/Specialty:
Health-Function-Fitness and Beyond whether you are:
•fighting the aging process     trying to lose weight  
•preparing for your seasonal sport      cleared from surgery or rehab
•sick of being a slug    bored with your regimen 
•need a lifestyle overhaul and accountability
Pat will assess your needs, guide you toward your wants, and train and coach you to live, work and play at your desired levels in the environments of your choice.


Contact Info:
(757) 876-8330
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Training Since: 2004

Training at IBG Since: 2004


Education/Certifications: BSN in Nursing, AFAA; Certified Group Instructor and ACE Certified; Personal Trainer and Senior Fitness Specialist

Availability: Monday - Friday 9 AM - 3 PM or as arranged

Career Highlights:
•Taught LaMaze Classes and prenatal aerobics for 17 years
•Worked at Aerobics Plus for 14 years
•Helped set up Initial Fitness Program at Iron-Bound Gym 2006
• 2013 Obtained Ace Senior Fitness Specialist

Training Philosophy/Specialty: Believe in fitness for living a full and healthy, happy life no matter what your age_. When you feel good you not only will look
healthy, but will enjoy your life to the fullest. Being fit is and should be fun as well as good for.


Contact Info:
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Garr 1


Training Since: 2012

At IBG Since: 2014 


Education/Certifications: B.S. in Human Nutrition,Foods and Exercise. Virginia Tech, ACE certified personal trainer, CrossFit Level 1 trainer (CF-L1), CPR certified

Availability: M-F 6am- 7pm

Career Highlights:
•Born and raised in Williamsburg,VA where my passion for health and fitness was discovered
•As an undergrad student, worked at a physical therapy clinic rehabbing students and athletes.
•Worked at Kaiser Permanente as a physical therapy tech putting clients through
strength and mobility exercises
•Made the switch from therapeutic exercise to preventative exercise and started
personal training career in Washington DC
•Moved back to Williamsburg to help family open CrossFit 1607 (with the help of IBG)

Training Philosophy/Specialty: 
Workouts should be challenging, yet fun with an emphasis on functional training. This is the best way to reach goals and improve health. Incorporating strength and metabolic conditioning, as well as improving mobility and flexibility helps lead to well balanced individuals.


Contact Info:
(321) 223-7049
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Training Since: 1996

At IBG Since: 1996-2003, 2013 -


Training since: 1996     Training at IBG 1996-2003, 2013 to present.


Certifications: Conditioning Specialist, Personal Trainer, Senior Fitness, Post-Rehab, Basic First Aid, CPR, AED


Availability: Flexible


*Teacher/Coach 32 yrs (2 yrs. Rockland County, NY, 30 yrs. WJCC Public Schools)
*Earned "Elite Trainer" status from IDEA Health & Fitness Assoc.
*Have trained all ages, but recently have focused on middle to senior age
*Sports Specific Training: Golf/Tennis
PHILOSOPHY: To develop programs for individuals that are safe, effective and efficient. Help clients make changes of lifestyle behaviors where appropriate.

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