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Exercise, for some people, starts out as a way to manage weight and sculpt beach bodies. But as most people move forward, the progress can become addicting. This often leads to a search for the most effective, sometimes, most intense form of exercise like the famous HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

As the name suggests, this mode of training is intense. Maybe some pictures of intense workout come to your mind. Yes, that is good. Now multiply that intensity to ten! Yes, these are a killer mode exercise, and this is not for the faint of heart! (and that includes the anatomically faint heart!)

The Best HIIT Workout For You: Find Out What Suits You

What Is HIIT?                

How Does HIIT Work?

Intense Phase

Rest Phase

What Is HIIT For?

1. Losing Weight

2. Strength And Endurance

3. Increased Performance In Sports

4. Contest Preparation

5. HIIT Improves Both Energy Systems For Endurance

Benefits Of High-Intensity Interval Training

1. Cranks Up The Challenge

2. Do It Anywhere

3. No Gym Required

4. Saves You Time

5. Double Up

6. Healthy Heart

7. Spiked Metabolism

Reasons To Try High-Intensity Interval Training

1. Strengthens Major Muscle Groups

2. Sugar Level Management

3. Define Your Level of Exercise

How Does HIIT Work?

How To Do HIIT

Weeks 1-2

Week 3-4

Week 4-6

Week 7-8

Create Your Own HIIT Routine

Upper Body Dominant Exercises

Lower Body Dominant Exercises

Beginner Sample Schedule

Intermediate Sample Schedule

Advanced Sample Schedule

Insane Sample Schedule

Mistakes When Doing HIIT

1. Too Much

2. Overtime

3. Rest Phase Too Long

4. Inconsistency

5. Diet

6. Alcohol

Expert Tips

Laura M. Miele-Pascoe

Crosstown Fitness Expert Ross Bradley and Stacy Spurgeon

Tabata Method

Michael Mosley

HIIT Workouts


What Is HIIT?

Best HIIT Workout

High-intensity interval training, or simply HIIT (pronounced as "hit," or you can spell it, whichever you want) is an intermittent form of exercise where you do powerful bursting muscular contractions for a short period and resting for another short period.

While doing regular exercise, we often do it at a comfortable pace we can maintain for long periods. In an exertion scale of 1-10 with ten being the highest, we often workout around 5-7. That's normal, and that is okay. This intensity of exercise has given many people good results.

But with HIIT, the intensity is pushed to the limits. Maybe we could safely assume that your resting phase should be around 5. But as you progress, your natural resistance will increase naturally. Your intense phase should somehow feel like you are being chased by a rabid animal from a post-apocalyptic movie!

To easily grasp the nature and modality of the exercise, let's picture it this way. You jog for 100 yards then sprint for 100 yards then walk again for 100 yards. Easy, right? Now do this for ten more cycles or until you run out of breath.

Here's another example, you do as many squat jumps as you can for 1minute, then catch your breath in the next minute. I think you already get the point. So, there is a period of maxed up exercise, then a period of light exercise or rest.

How Does HIIT Work?


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