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Use Yoga To Ease Back Pain and Increase Your Weightlifting Performance

If you've been following your training regime rigorously, it might start to feel difficult to know where you can improve on it. Something many people who lift weights haven't considered combining with their weight training to get increases in performance, is yoga. Originally, yoga was all about learning to observe yourself and your body, however it has now become a great form of exercise for those wanting to gain more control over themselves. As well as this, it can help with long term ailments such as back pain.

How Yoga Can Help Your Weight Training

The American Osteopathic Association says that yoga has both physical and mental benefits. They go on to say that through yoga techniques that focus on relaxation, chronic pain can be lessened. Chronic pain typically includes back pain, arthritis and headaches.

As well as this, flexibility can be increased, as can core muscle strength and tone. This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with weight training. Doing yoga can increase you're the strength of muscles all over your body, which could allow for greater gains when you are working on your weightlifting. On the mental side, benefits include the ability to combat stress, by developing coping skills and a positive outlook on life. This is done through mediation and breathing techniques.

Easing Pain with Yoga

Though we've covered that yoga can help with pain, how exactly can it help reduce discomfort? Yoga is great at relieving pain as it will gradually stretch tense muscles, that may have also become painful, while also helping with your general posture, especially when walking and sitting.

This means it can be helpful for people of all ages. Young people might have problems with their back from poor posture from sitting at desks all day, from excessive exercising, or lifting heavy objects. Whereas older people might start having back problems in their 30s or 40s, simply due to growing older. People over 60 are also more likely to suffer from back pain, and this is mostly due to osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis.

By combining yoga and weight training, you could really strengthen your body, and avoid problems with back pain as well as other chronic health problems. For example, if you want to try yoga to help with upper back pain, then you could take a look a few poses such as:

· The Locust Pose. A relative simple pose, that even beginners can give it a shot, as it involves lying on your stomach and raising your head and legs.

· The Bride Pose. This is also simple, involving lying on your back and raising your hips up into the air. Despite these poses being suitable for helping upper back pain, if you start to feel that you're in discomfort, then you should stop and don't push yourself too far.

· The Reverse Warrior. This one is a little trickier than the last two, however it is good for stretching your legs, back, torso, and neck.

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